Possibility of Regional Rolling Blackouts

RushShelby Energy has been informed by Midcontinent Independent System Operator, MISO, an independent nonprofit organization that operates the electrical grid in the middle of the United States, that there is a possibility of rolling blackouts in our region.

Several domestic and international economic challenges impact us as an industry. These challenges follow the national trend over several years of retiring coal generation and transitioning to more intermittent, renewable resources.

So far, the pace of generation additions hasn't kept pace with the retirements of dispatchable resources they will replace. As a result, we want everyone to be increasingly more aware of possible requests to reduce electricity.

RushShelby Energy will convey messages and requests that you consume less energy when demand is high and supply is constrained. We are working hard to ensure members are informed about these issues. We will continue to send messages and post on social media when these things happen.

Please be prepared for the possibility of outages. Should the situation dictate, power could be intentionally disconnected for short periods to preserve the integrity of the entire grid.