Payment Information

Payment Options


Please use the return envelope and payment stub included with your bill to send your check or money order payments to us by mail. Please do not send cash through the mail or put cash in the night deposit box. Cash payments may be made at our office Monday through Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. For your convenience, you may make after-hours payments using the night deposit box located at our drive-thru window.

Auto Pay

Our payment plan offers both convenience and savings. Sign up for Auto Pay and have your payment automatically deducted from your bank account on the due date. You will no longer need to remember to make a payment, plus you’ll save time and postage. Visit our Payment Options page to sign up for Auto Pay.


Track your energy consumption, submit outages, pay your bill, and keep track of your payment history through the SmartHub website or app. Every member is able to create an account on SmartHub using the account number from your monthly bill. This free service makes it easy for you to manage all areas of your account in one convenient location.

Budget Billing

Your cooperative designed this monthly payment program to help residential members plan for their monthly bills in an affordable manner. Once you have signed up for this service, you will no longer need to wonder how much you will be paying per month on electricity. Instead, your budget billing amount will be based on the monthly average of your past 12 months’ bills. Each year, July serves as the “settle up” month. To sign up for Budget Billing, your account must have a zero balance. Call us or visit our Budget Billing page for more information.

Prepaid Service

As a RushShelby Energy (RSE) member, this service allows you to pay for electric use prior to its consumption. You have the opportunity to pay when you want, in the amounts you want, with a minimum payment of $20. Instead of receiving a traditional paper bill that is generated once each month, electric use is calculated daily. Prepaid members pay a $30 remote disconnect fee if they let the meter disconnect due to non-payment, but they never pay a deposit, late fee, or disconnect fee if the account runs out of credit. For more information, contact RushShelby Energy or visit our Prepaid Meters page.

Payment Information

Late Charges

When your payment is not received by the due date indicated on the bill, a late charge is added to your next month’s bill. If you received a late charge and have already sent in your payment, call us. We will be happy to check and make sure your payment has been received and credited to your account.

Non-Payment of Overdue Accounts

If your bill is past due, you will receive a written notice of disconnection in the mail. Your immediate attention is required to avoid interruption of service. Should RSE need to send a cooperative representative to your location to collect a past-due bill, you will be charged a collection fee. If service is disconnected, a reconnection charge is added to the amount required to reactivate your service. In addition, a security deposit may be added to your account. If service is reconnected after normal business hours, an after-hours connection fee is also applied. For accounts with disconnect collars, the same rules apply. Please contact us if unexpected circumstances create a problem that will prevent you from paying your bill before the past-due date indicated.

Actions Resulting in Discontinued Service

Your cooperative may refuse to connect, reconnect or continue service for violation of any of its rules and regulations, including:

  • Theft of electricity
  • The appearance of current diversion devices on the member’s property
  • Unsafe conditions
  • Immediate hazards

(Disconnection of service does not release you from financial obligations to RSE.)

Returned Payment Charge

Unpaid checks, returned by your bank to this cooperative, will result in a charge added to your account and may result in possible disconnection of service. If you have two or more returned checks, we will require that you pay your monthly electric bills with cash, money order, or credit card. In addition, a security deposit may be billed to your account. After good credit is re-established with our company, your account payment, and security deposit restrictions will be reviewed.

Rates & Charges

RSE’s service fees are based on the cooperative’s costs and are charged so members not requiring these special services won’t have to share in the expenses. These rates and charges are listed on our Rate Tariffs page.

Security Deposits

When electric service is requested from RSE, proof of good credit is required. In all requests for service, a credit report will be obtained from either a third-party credit reporting agency (ONLINE Utility Exchange) or RSE credit history. Only 1 deposit is required per member at a time. It may be paid when establishing service or it can be placed on the first month’s billing. Existing members adding new services or having additional services transferred into their name or transferring to a new location will have the deposit decision based upon their current credit history, if no deposit is on file.

Members with a poor RSE credit rating, with no deposit on file, who move from one location to another within RSE service territories may be required to pay a deposit before the service will be connected. Please visit our Rate Tariffs page for additional information on security deposit amounts.

Payment Locations

Payments can be made at all of the following locations:

RushShelby Energy Office
2777 S 840 W, Manilla, IN
Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

First Financial Bank
Any Location
(current bill only)

Rushville Pharmacy
Rushville, IN
(current bill only)

Anywhere in the USA – You must pay a small fee if you pay at Walmart. If your bill is past due and up for disconnect, you must call the office and give the receipt number in order to avoid disconnection. It takes up to 5 business days for the payment at Walmart to show up at the RushShelby Energy office.