Meter Information

Your Electric Meter

Residential electric meters are read every day through our Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) computer system that uses the power lines to deliver usage information to our office. Periodically, RushShelby Energy (RSE) will physically read your meter to ensure accuracy and to inspect the cooperative’s facilities serving your property. For safety reasons, meters must be easily accessible to RSE personnel.

Meter Accuracy

Indiana utility rules require that all meters be tested and be accurate within three percent of true kilowatt-hour usage. Your cooperative tests meters on a rotating schedule and finds most meters to be very accurate and rarely the cause of a high bill. If you are concerned about the accuracy of the meter at your location, please contact us by calling our office and speak with a customer service representative. RSE may test your meter once within a 24-month period at no charge if deemed necessary. A fee is applied if more frequent testing is required.

Meter Tampering

Tampering with a meter is very dangerous and illegal. If you need your electric meter moved or disconnected, you must call your cooperative and make arrangements for trained RSE personnel to perform the procedure. Failure to do so may result in disconnection of service, criminal prosecution, and loss of ownership rights in the cooperative. Use of power not properly registered on the meter, current diversion, and other illegal practices relating to electric service are costly and will not be tolerated.