Member Services & Programs

Your cooperative exists to serve you, the member. Our primary responsibility is to bring you reliable, safe, and affordable electric service. While delivering electricity is the most important thing we do, we also believe excellent customer service means delivering more than is expected. The following is a brief overview of just a few of the many value-added services offered by your cooperative.

Courtesy Calls

Our courtesy call service is available to help cooperative members who may need assistance in remembering their payment collection date. This program notifies a designated person if the bill is forgotten. The reminder may help you avoid possible disconnection of your service. This program is exactly as it sounds. RushShelby Energy (RSE) is not required to use this service. For this program to be effective please make certain your contact information on file is kept up to date. If you wish to opt out of this program, please contact us by calling the RushShelby Energy office and ask to have your number removed from the call list. If you do not call in, it will be assumed that you agree to the phone calls.

Critical List

Our critical list enables RSE to be aware of member-owners who are medically dependent on electrically powered equipment. Although we give priority to the restoration of electric service to these members whenever reasonably possible, being a registered critical list member does not guarantee your electric service will not be interrupted. If you are a registered critical list participant, please remember to contact us when an outage occurs at your location.

Even as a critical list participant, there is a possibility you could be without service for an extended period when severe damage strikes our electrical system. To assist you in your planning process for meeting any medical need, the cooperative will attempt to call you if we believe an outage will last longer than 5 hours. As additional protection, RSE highly recommends each member on the critical list purchase back-up batteries or back-up generators to assist in times outages become longer than 5 hours. If this is not an option, we recommend you have a plan in place to move to a location with power until your electricity is restored.

Operation RoundUp

This charitable opt-out program is a fundraising program that allows you to donate the spare change on your energy bill to help those in need throughout the RushShelby Energy service territory. With an average donation of $6 per year and never more than 99 cents per month you can make a small investment that pays big dividends in your community. Operation RoundUp is families working together to improve their collective quality of life. All Operation RoundUp contributions are tax-deductible.

The program is simple: It does just what the name implies. Each month we “round up” your energy bill to the nearest whole dollar amount. That spare change goes into a special fund administered by the RushShelby Energy Rural Electric Community Fund Board of Trustees. The trustees will send the money collected right back into the community to the places that need it the most. Grant requests are reviewed on a quarterly basis. For more information on this program or to access the application, please visit our Operation RoundUp page.

Monthly Newsletter (Electrawatt)

Each month the Electrawatt is mailed or emailed to every member of RushShelby Energy. To opt out of the mailed copy, you can complete a form on our website. The newsletter is published to keep you informed of the activities of your cooperative. Tips on energy efficiency, outage information, annual meeting activities, and electric legislative issues are a few of the topics discussed. Please take the time each month to stay informed through our newsletter.

Residential Energy Efficiency Rebates

RushShelby Energy’s rebate program is designed to encourage members to purchase energy-efficient heating, cooling, and water heating equipment.

When you consider how you use energy at home, up to 70% of your energy usage may be attributed to heating, cooling, and appliances. If you plan to make upgrades in these areas, we want to help make these largest energy users even more affordable for you. Visit our Rebates page for information on qualifying equipment rebates, including heating and cooling equipment, heat pump water heaters, and appliance recycling rebates.

Buy Filters Online

Most homeowners know that changing your furnace or air conditioner filter regularly saves wear and tear on your equipment. But did you also know it can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 15%? RushShelby Energy offers a great service,, as an easy way to order filters online.

  • Save up to 50% on the purchase price of the filters.
  • Set an automatic email reminder to replace your filter.
  • Free delivery to your door.

Renewable Energy

RushShelby Energy has installed a small-scale renewable energy program with the goal of gaining real-world costs and data for small-scale residential installations. This project is designed to share information with our members and the general public in order to start a conversation about renewable energy. Our solar panels and wind turbine are now installed and gathering data.

Crossroads Energy – Metered Propane Service

Crossroads Energy is a metered propane service offered through RushShelby Energy. With this program, Crossroads Energy installs a 500 gallon LP tank at your location. A meter is installed at the low-pressure regulator, which is located on your house. This meter is then read each month when your electric meter is read and you pay for the gas you use during that time frame. Never again pay for propane prior to use. With this worry-free program you only pay for what you use.

Your propane price is locked in for the entire heating season, so you do not have to worry about constant changes to the cash market. For added convenience, your propane balance due appears on your electric bill. We keep your propane tank full, so you do not have to call when you need a delivery. Visit our Metered Propane page for more information.


Wi-Power high-speed internet is the next generation of internet connectivity and Wi-Power Digital Phone service. It is an affordable and reliable solution using proven technology. Wi-Power does not need cable, phone lines, or satellite. To see if Wi-Power is available in your area, call (877) 764-1001 or visit the TWN Communications website for more information.

Co-op Connections Card

Members can use their Co-op Connections Card to receive great discounts at hundreds of local, regional, and national vendors. Just show your Connections Card to participating companies and immediately receive their special discount. For a complete list of participating companies, visit The Co-op Connections website.