Budget Billing

The Budget Billing program is a fixed method of calculating and handling the monthly bill. With Budget Billing, the meter is still read on the same schedule as in the past, and your bill is computed just like always. The bill still arrives in the mail to tell you how many kilowatt-hours were used and the total bill amount. Your budget bill amount will be shown as the amount due on your bill.

How It Works

The bill is based on a 12-month average at the time the program is started. That is the budget payment each month. The monthly fixed budget amount will be recalculated in August each year, making July the settle-up month for the year. Debit amounts will be due and credit amounts over $500 will be refunded. Credit amounts under $500 will remain on the account and applied to a future billing.


Using this method, a member may commence budget billing any month during the year, providing:

  • They have lived at the location a minimum of 9 months
  • The account has a zero starting balance

Members starting the program at any time other than August will have a pro-rated amount for the remainder of that budget year.


The budget amount must be paid by 4:30 p.m. on the due date each month to avoid being terminated from the program. Once terminated, a 12 month waiting period will be required before restarting participation in the program.

Contact Us

For additional information or if you are interested in starting the program, call us during regular business hours, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., at (765) 544-2600 or (800) 706-7362