Surge Protection

Every day, variations in voltage and frequency of electric current pass through electrical lines and into your home. These fluctuations can be caused by lightning or industrial and construction accidents involving utility poles. Once inside, these fluctuations can cause damage to electronics found in many household products like home entertainment centers, personal computers, garage door openers, microwave ovens, and more. Anything you own with a microchip is susceptible to damage.

That’s why it’s important to protect electronic equipment with surge suppression devices. Implementing the right protective measures will not only ensure that sensitive equipment functions properly but can extend product life as well.

Protection at the Entrance

surge suppression deviceProtection is provided with a round surge suppression device installed between your meter and the entrance to your home’s electrical box. The package may be purchased for $210.46 (tax and installation included).

In addition, all electronics such as TVs, computers, DVDs, and telephones should be plugged into a quality surge suppressor at the electrical outlet.

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