Metered Propane

If you use propane to heat your home, let Crossroads Energy provide you with a worry-free program

How would you like to:

  • Never again pay for a huge propane delivery at one time or prior to use. (You are invoiced as you use the propane, not when the propane is delivered).
  • Never again call for a delivery. (Your tank is on a keep-full basis, so your tank should never be empty).
  • Never again wonder what price you will pay for each delivery. (Your price is locked in for the entire heating season).

Crossroads Energy will:

  • Install a 500 gallon LP tank along with a meter.
  • Installation cost is $250 – Installation can be paid in 1 invoice or over a 3-month period.
  • Installation includes a 500-gallon tank, 2 regulators, and a meter.
  • A propane safety check is done on the entire system (Visit the Energy for Everyone Propane website for more propane safety information).

Price for the 2023 to 2024 Heating Season: $2.25 per gallon (for customers that meet the minimum usage requirement).

If you would like more information on our program, email Janet Labrie or call (765) 544-2904.