Schedule “SL”: Security Lighting Service


Available to any member of the Cooperative where 120-volt service exists ahead of the meter loop for the use of Security Lighting.

Character of Service

Dusk-to-dawn lighting service, using photo-electrically controlled equipment, mast arm, street light type luminaire with lamp. Maintenance of the complete assembly and the cost of its electrical operation are included in this service. Any additional investment required by the extension of secondary lines or hanging of a transformer or installation of poles, for the sole purpose of this service will require a contribution by the member.

Monthly Rate

The monthly charge for each Security Light shall be as follows:

  • Type Lamp
    • 175 watt or lower: $11.00 per month
    • 176 watt or higher: $17.00 per month

Termination of Service

The consumer may request termination of service at his option and the Corporation will remove its property upon such notice with reasonable diligence. The Corporation may remove its fixture and cancel Security Lighting service when:

  1. Bills are unpaid.
  2. When the service is no longer made available.
  3. Whenever such action is necessary to protect the Corporation from fraud or abuse.

Miscellaneous Charges

Non-Recurring Refer to Appendix