Schedule LP: Large Power Service


Available to any member for service requiring in excess of 100 kVA of transformer capacity and is located in the Cooperative’s service area and located adjacent to an electric distribution line of the Cooperative’s that is adequate and suitable for supplying required service.

Type of Service

Single-phase, alternating current 60 hertz at approximately 120/240 volts, 3-wire. Multi-phase, 60 hertz, approximately 120/208 volts, 4-wire; 277/480 volts, 4-wire; or other voltages as may be mutually agreeable.

Monthly Rate

  • Connection Charge: $95 Per Month
  • Demand Charge (Applicable for all billing kW)
    • Summer (July to December) $14.38 per kW
    • Winter (January to June) $13.84 per kW
    • Energy Charge (All kwh per month) $ 0.0660 per kWh

Determination of Billing Demand

The billing demand shall be the maximum kilowatt demand established by the consumer for any period of 15 consecutive minutes during the month for which the billing is rendered as indicated or recorded by a demand meter and adjusted for power as provided below.

Power Factor

The consumer agrees to maintain unity power factor as nearly as practical. The Corporation reserves the right to measure such power factor at any time. Should such measurements indicate that the power factor is less than 97%, then the demand for billing purposes will be adjusted for average monthly lagging power factor by multiplying the demand as indicated or recorded on the demand meter by 97% and divided by the percent power factor.

Rate Adjustment

The above rates are subject to a WPCA Factor, as provided for in Schedule WPCA.

Minimum Monthly Charge

The minimum monthly charge shall be the highest of the following:

  1. $100 (or the facility charge if it is above $100)
  2. $1 per kVA of required transformer capacity.
  3. The minimum monthly or annual charge as specified in the contact for service which shall be based upon the investment to provide service as agreed upon by consumer and Cooperative.


The Corporation may at its option, install either a secondary or primary metering equipment.

When the service is metered at primary voltage (7.200/12,470Y volts) and the consumer owns all of the electrical facilities beyond the metering point, 3% of the total kilowatt-hours metered shall be deducted after computing the bill.

When the service is metered at primary voltage and the Cooperative owns the transportation and related equipment beyond the metering point, 1½% of the total kilowatt-hours metered shall be deducted after computing the bill.

Conditions of Service

  1. Service shall be provided based upon the Cooperative’s rules and regulations or as may be amended by the Board of Directors.
  2. The member shall be required to enter into a written agreement stating the character of load, minimum contract period, minimum monthly charge, and other charges, if any.
  3. All motors in excess of 10 horsepower will be three-phase unless approved by the Cooperative.
  4. All motors or apparatuses with inrush current in excess of 250 amps at 240 volts shall require Cooperative approval.
  5. Single-phase service to phase converters will be by Cooperative approval only. The single largest motor shall not exceed 50 horsepower, and total connected motors shall not exceed 100 horsepower.
  6. The Cooperative may require corrective measures or devices for any motor or apparatus which in the opinion of the Cooperative will cause voltage fluctuation to other members. Unless otherwise permitted, the maximum primary voltage fluctuation is 3%.
  7. The member shall be responsible for installing under voltage or loss of phase relays for the protection of member's equipment.
  8. All wiring, pole lines, wire, and other electrical equipment beyond the point where the service wires of the member connect to the service wires of the Cooperative shall be considered the distribution system of the members and shall be furnished and maintained by the members except that metering equipment shall be furnished and maintained by the Cooperative.
  9. Members maintaining their domestic establishment and their facility requiring three-phase service on the same premises may include service to both through the same meter, in which case all service will be billed in accordance with the rates set forth in this Schedule.
  10. The applicant will be required to give satisfactory assurance by means of a written agreement as to the character, amount, and duration of the business offered.
  11. The consumer may connect lighting to a power circuit from the power meter. Any additional transformers or regulating equipment which may be required for such lighting shall be furnished by the consumer except that if the consumer requires a separate transformer for lighting service, it shall be considered a separate service and shall be billed under the applicable rate schedule.
  12. The Cooperative will furnish and maintain at its expense one transformation and service drop, unless otherwise provided for in the Rules and Regulations. All wiring, pole lines, wires, and other electrical equipment beyond the point where the service wires of the member, which extend from the weather head of the service entrance installed by the member, connect with the service wires of the Cooperative is considered the distribution system of the member and shall be furnished and maintained by the member except that the outdoor meter base and meter shall be furnished and maintained by the Cooperative.
  13. In those cases where the meter is not located where three-phase service is available, and the Cooperative elects to extend its facilities to make such service available, three-phase service will be rendered in accordance with the Terms and conditions for extending such service as provided elsewhere in this Tariff and/or as specified in the contract for service.