Schedule GS-1-PP General Service – Single Phase


Available to any member of the Cooperative, subject to the established Service Rules and Regulations.

Type of Service

The type of service rendered under this schedule will be alternating current, 60 hertz, single-phase, secondary voltage, of approximately 120/240 volts, 3 wire, or such other voltage as might be mutually agreed upon.

Monthly Rate

  • Connection Charge: $55 per month
  • Energy Charge
    • January to March - All kWh per month: $0.0943 per kWh
    • April to May and October to December - All kWh per month: $0.1005 per kWh
    • June to September - All kWh per month: $0.1103 per kWh

Minimum Monthly Charges

The minimum monthly charge shall be the connection charge where a 25 kVA transformer capacity or less is required. For member requiring in excess of 25 kVA of transformer capacity supplied by the Cooperative, the minimum charge shall be increased at the rate of $1 per kVA or fraction thereof required.

Condition of Service

  1. 100 kVA or less or required transformer capacity.
  2. Service shall be provided based upon the Cooperatives’ rules and regulation as approved by the Board of Directors.
  3. All devices or apparatus with an inrush current in excess of 250 amps at 240 volts shall require the Cooperative’s approval.
  4. All wiring, poles, lines, and other electrical equipment beyond the point where the service wires of the member connect with the service wires of the Cooperative shall be considered the distribution system of the member and shall be furnished by the member except that the meter base shall be furnished and maintained by the Cooperative.
  5. Service under this schedule shall be limited to one meter for the same member where the service can be adequately supplied from a single service drop.
  6. Service under this schedule shall be limited to motors not to exceed 10 horsepower of individual capacity or a total motor load not in excess of 10 horsepower in use at any one time. Horsepower in excess of 10 horsepower shall be subject to the approval of the Cooperative.
  7. There is a daily fee of $0.27 to be on the Prepaid Program.

Rate Adjustment

The above rates are subject to a WPCA Factor, as provided for in Schedule WPCA.

Terms of Payment

Refer to Appendix

Meter Test at Request of a Member

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All Other Non-Recurrent Charges

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