Appendix Miscellaneous Charges

Collection Fees

When it is necessary for the personnel of RSE to go to a member’s premises to collect a delinquent bill, a collection fee of $30 dollars per trip shall be charged in lieu of disconnection. If the delinquent bill is not collected, disconnection of service may occur.

Disconnection Fees

When it is necessary for RSE to disconnect the electric service at a member’s premises, whether it is on the premises or by electronic means, and whether it is at the member’s request, because of a delinquent bill, involves speculation of meter and/or facility tampering, or any other reasonable cause as determined by RSE, a fee of $30 dollars shall be charged. Should disconnection result during a collection visit to the member’s premises, only one fee shall be charged.

Reconnections Fees

A member that has been disconnected shall be assessed a fee of $30 dollars for reconnection during regular business hours. Payment must be made by a credit or debit card over the phone or pay in the office with cash, certified check, or money order during regular business hours, prior to reconnection.

For delinquent bills, the member shall pay in full all amounts due up to and including date of disconnection and shall pay before service is reconnected. The fee for a seasonal service reconnection shall be $30 dollars.

Overtime Reconnection Fees

Connection of electric service after hours, at the member’s request, will be assessed a reconnection fee as stated above, and an additional overtime fee of $75 dollars, both of which must be paid prior to reconnection of electric service.

Late Payment Fees

Bills shall be rendered and due monthly. If bills are not paid on or before the seventeenth day following the due date, the bill shall have late charges added as follows: All net billing 3%.

Insufficient Funds Fee

When a payment received on a member’s account, in any form, is returned unpaid for any reason by a financial institution, the member shall be assessed a fee of $30 dollars.

Meter Testing Fee

When a member requests a meter test less than 12 months from their most recent meter test, whether such earlier test was by consumer or Cooperative request, the member shall be required to pay a $30 fee for the latest test.

New Account Fee

Any member requesting a new service or a service at an existing location transferred into their name shall pay a $30 non-refundable fee for the account activation.


All new accounts may be subject to a deposit of $150 dollars or $300 dollars based upon specific circumstances with a credit report obtained from either a third-party credit reporting agency or RSE credit history.