Solar Array

rows of solar panels outsideTrue to the cooperative principle of cooperation among cooperatives, Henry County REMC, RushShelby Energy, and Whitewater Valley REMC are working together to bring the power of the sun to consumer members. In 2015, a 1-megawatt solar array was built in New Castle – Henry County. It was the first in a region-wide cooperative effort with power supplier Hoosier Energy to tap into the benefits of solar power.


Solar’s unique attributes – it’s abundant, scalable, and flexible.

  • Builds on community partnerships
  • Balances consumer desire for solar energy with the opportunity to learn how this abundant resource can power farms, businesses, and homes
  • Creates a “learning laboratory” for co-ops to share their experience with member-consumers, other co-ops, and the industry
  • Balances need for affordable electricity through an all-of-the-above fuel portfolio

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