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Wireless Broadband

Now Available for most of Rush County, Fairland, and  Waldron!

TWN Communications internet service is available to RushShelby Energy members through a partnership of RushShelby Energy and TransWorld Network (TWN).

This wireless technology requires attaching a small dish receiving unit to your home aimed at a dish on a nearby tower. It is line of sight technology that can be interrupted by trees, buildings and other interference. The only sure way to know if you can receive service is to have a site survey done by a qualified technician.

An added benefit of TWN Communications, is that the technology provides consumers with access to voice over IP (VoIP) telephone technology. Not only can you surf the Internet faster, you can also use that connection for clear telephone calls anywhere. It allows you to avoid the extremely high cost of having a landline phone in your home.

Just call 1-866-215-5333 for information or to sign up.

Standard Calling Features Include:  
Call Waiting Caller ID
Caller ID Block Call Forwarding
Call Return Redial
Voicemail Voicemail to Email
Message Waiting Indicator  

For general information or fees for our wireless system click here for our brochure.

A typical setup for a wireless internet connection is:

  • Computer
  • USB or Ethernet port to connect the wireless equipment
  • Network/Ethernet Cable
  • Antenna mounted on your home
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