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Capital Credits

On June 30, 2017 we mailed capital credit checks to 13,378 members for the retirement years of 1977 and a portion of 2016. We also refunded capital credits by applying credits to the  accounts of 1,705 members. These refunds were less than $4, so they have been applied to the next bill. We have many checks that could not be mailed because of inaccurate address information in our system. Names of members with invalid addresses on file are published in a special issue of the August 2017 Electrawatt newsletter, and are also published here: Unclaimed Capital Credits List (PDF)

If your name or that of a relative is listed, then RushShelby has unclaimed capital credit money on file.

Contact Trudy Jones at 765-544-2924 to make a claim or get answers to your questions.


Unclaimed Capital Credits Form

Heir Claim Form

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