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Capital Credits

The general retirement for the years on record of 1979, 1980, 1981 and a portion of 2018 was processed on June 13, 2019.   14,702 members will either receive a check or their refund will be applied directly to their account.   If your refund was under $20.00, it will appear as a line item on your next billing statement.

There are several members with invalid addresses.  The refund for all non-deliverable accounts appear on our Unclaimed Capital Credit List (PDF).   Names of members with invalid address on file are published in a special issue of the August 2019 Electawatt newsletter.

If your name or that of a relative is listed, then RushShelby has unclaimed capital credit on file.

Contact Trudy Jones at 765-544-2924 to make a claim or get answers to your questions.

Below you will find copies of forms that will be required to submit for unclaimed dollars or if you are submitting the claimed for a deceased family member.


Unclaimed Capital Credits Form

Heir Claim Form

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